Success Story

Naeem Maalouf
The story of a "Succès"

Everything started with a big desire to eat a "Succes" which became the symbol of SeaSweet today. Young Naeem and two of his brothers were students in a boarding school in Bhamdoon. As for their parents, they lived in Zahle, their birthplace. Naeem have always loved sweets which he bought occasionally from a shop near the school. In fact, since he was a child, Naeem had a special interest in sweets. As a student in Bhamdoun, he had the chance to be introduced to many sweet tastes. He thus learned how to distinguish between different tastes, even between flavors of the same tastes.

During winter, the roads between Bhamdoon and Zahle were blocked with snow. So, sometimes the brothers suffered from a lack of money. On one snowy day, Naeem asked the principal of the school to lend him some. The latter categorically refused. Therefore, Naeem made his decision, especially that he couldn't pay the tuition fees. At night, he escaped accompanied by his two brothers. Since they had no money, they clung to a passing train bearing the falling snow for two hours before they reached Zahle. They had determined to return home and start earning their own living: Naeem started in a sweet shop, the other two in a bakery. Naeem had a big dream to open his own sweets shop one day.He and his two brothers decided to unify their skills and open a business. In 1966, Naeem and his two brothers opened a little bakery in their town which people liked to buy from. They worked 20 hours per day. The bakery was a success so the brothers decided to manufacture some sweets. Every brother had his own independent ambition and went on his way to achieve. In 1976, a banker helped Naeem open his own sweets shop by the name of SeaSweet which we know today. Despite the deteriorating living conditions during the war years, SeaSweet could survive even at its own expense. After all, continuity is what matters not temporary gain. Good quality was maintained as well as the customers trust.

Having in mind many ideas of expansion and renovation of the profession, Naeem decided to enlarge the business. Subsequently, he thought to settle in Beirut. In 1987, the first sweet shop was inaugurated in Mkalles roundabout, and Nicholas, Naeem's brother, was in charge of it.

Naeem's business grew bigger as a result of some bankers trust in him and his ideas. Even in the worst economic circumstances in the country, Naeem could get banks loans for his projects.

Maalouf believes that good ingredients and generosity in manufacturing and display are primary factors that lead to success in this profession. Maalouf says these principles served as a strong foundation for SeaSweet's continuity. SeaSweet has been a pioneer in inventing a great variety of both Arabian and Foreign sweets as well as ice cream and chocolate. The institution, with its nine branches across the country, has become an expert in manufacturing all these kinds of sweets and has ever since been one of the most renowned names in the sweets industry in Lebanon.

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